Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hooray for the Long Weekend!

Friday July 1, 2011

We slept in this morning! 9:30am...which really isn't late considering we don't go to bed on arrival night until wee hours of the morning!  Our mattress is so very comfy! We both sleep better on the boat anyway but this mattress is the best ever!

Dean called the AC guy right away. The forward cabin is pretty warm! I closed the door to the aft cabin so we would at least have a place to cool down! Texas is having the hottest year ever!
AC guy finally showed up & did his thing. Dean asked if he would mind if we observed. He didn't mind, so  Dean asked questions and watched to see what he did. Hopefully it's a fix this time! He did several checks on things, cleaned filters and such, then recharged it. Turned it on and...waaa cooled it down in there! Wish us luck! 

We decided to get some errands done, so first, we headed to Skipper's for Brunch. It's our favorite place in Kemah for omelets!  Then we headed to LaMarque, TX about 20 miles away to the closest Texas Parks & Wildlife Department to register
 Our Way Too! 
More $$$...Big Bucks!!! Yikes!!!

Just as we were about to leave my Hubby decided to ask, "Are we legal to take the boat out now even if we don't have the documentation papers back from the Coast Guard?"
Oh My Gosh!! We almost started a war between two of the workers. One says we are now legal and  the other says we are not. The guy was from TPWD and the gal was from Marine Sheriff Dept.  I said to Dean..."See what you did now?" I felt bad for the young lady that was doing our paperwork. She asked them the question and just stood there looking from one to the other, then back at us, then them again, shifting from one leg to the other patiently waiting for an answer for us while those two went back and forth at it. I was rather embarrassed, there were were like 8-9 folks waiting in line behind us. Finally the guy asked us to come back to his office. He pulled out the Rules & Regulations book of his and read us the section concerning TPWD rules. Apparently, Texas has several groups that patrol the Galveston Bay waters and you can be pulled over by any one of them. TPWD might consider us legal, and the Coast Guard might look at our papers and consider us legal, but the sheriff or local police might slap you with a ticket. Or visa versa, it just depends who and what mood they are in I guess. We were also told that if the name of our boat isn't on the boat the same as the Coast Guard documentation papers read, then we could get up to a $10,000.00 fine. I believe the boat WILL stay in her slip until we are totally legal! Looks like we can't go out to watch the fireworks on board Our Way Too! like we were hoping to for tonight & the 4th of July. Bummer! We cannot afford a ticket or fine a like that!

Kemah's Boardwalk sponsors Fireworks every Friday night through the months of June, July, & August. It's quite the deal and there are alot of people, cars, and boats that come from all over every week. They put on a great show each night. I am really curious to see if the 4th is the same or better!?

When we arrived back to the marina, Rob asked if we'd like to go out on Wandering Star to watch the fireworks with them. We accepted the offer and enjoyed a beautiful evening anchored out there in the Bay with friends. The company was great, the laughs were many, stories were entertaining, snacks & drinks were aplenty, & the fireworks were awesome.
 Life is sure great on the water!

When we arrived back at the marina we decided it would be a nice quiet relaxing time to cool down in the pool. So we headed up there and enjoyed it all to ourselves! We do really enjoy it here! 

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