Monday, October 17, 2011

September 1, 2011

Arrival Night

We arrived in Kemah about 10:30pm.
 Dean opened up Our Way Too! and turned on the air conditioning.
 It was only 96 degrees inside the cabin!
  We unloaded the car, grabbed a beer & did our walk around,
 then we sat on the bow in the breeze while the boat cooled down.
 While we sat out there one of our local policemen drove thru.
 Nice to know that our marina is being checked on.
  We put things away, grabbed another beer ;-)
 and walked out to the island to sit in the swing & watch the water go by.
 So quiet & peaceful here tonite!
We had a tailless Heron strut right by our feet....
I think he was too busy fishing to notice we were there!
 There is a unusual high tide tonite.
 Off to bed about 1am~

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