Thursday, October 6, 2011

Touring Dallas/Arlington Area with Chrissy!

Tuesday July 5, 2011

(I won't normally blog about our days away from the boat
 but Chrissy's visit is going to be so short I will include it and the photos.)

We arrived to the 5th wheel about 2:45 am. Chrissy snoozed pretty much the whole ride, jet lag and recovering from the run in Atlanta that her and hubby Michael did before she left to come visit. I napped too so I could drive when Dean became tired. About three quarters of the way home he finally got sleepy enough, pulled over and let me drive. Other than that, Dean only slept for a couple hours before getting up at 4:30 am to go to work. Poor Dear...I know he wants to spend every moment possible with his baby girl!

Chrissy got up early so she could go for a run before it became too warm..
 Afterwards, we had our coffee's, planned our agenda, then got ourselves around and ready to go.
Our first part of the tour was driving by the General Motors plant so she could see where her Dad works. Then we headed toward the Ranger's Ballpark and the Cowboy Stadium.
Now mind you, I am not much for driving downtown Dallas but for Chrissy I would!

So next we headed the short 12 mile or so jaunt to Dallas and their famous Dallas Farmer's Market.
Chrissy loved it!!
 Of course we bought all kinds of fresh fruits & veggies!
She was amazed just like a kid in a candy store! Of course our Lil' Chef was in her element!!
We walked thru the market sampling what was available and when our hands were full with bags of fresh goods we headed back to the car to proceed with the rest of the big city tour!

Chrissy in Dallas!
This is only a small portion of the skyline behind her.
I was so proud of myself for driving right to the market. Then I took her through downtown...showed her as much as I could, then drove past the Book Depository(now the 6th Floor Museum) where President J F Kennedy was shot. The traffic was moving quickly and she couldn't see the X's on the road that marked the 1st & 2nd shots that hit him so I expertly (or so I acted like I was an expert!) maneuvered our little zip-zip car through and around the crazy Dallas, TX highways out of downtown, making a turnaround heading back into downtown to go by one more time so that she could see them. I was able to drive her by the JFK Memorial as well the second time around.

As we headed out of town I was amazed and pretty proud of myself for handling all of that as well as I did! We decided our next stop was Whole Foods for a few groceries. I really wish we would've had enough time to go to Fort Worth! Now that is the real Cowboy Town and our favorite place to visit. The daily Cattle Drive, history, rodeo's and true atmosphere of the yesteryears. Maybe her next visit!?

While we were out sightseeing, Dean was at work telling everyone including his boss, how his wife and daughter had surprised him. The boss felt bad cuz Chrissy had come so far to see him so she gave him a VR day (call in day) for Wednesday and a vacation day for Thursday which in turn covered him for having Friday off! Yay!!! We were heading back to the boat right after work!

After grocery shopping I thought we should do alittle FUN shopping.
 You can't come to Texas and not look at the Cowboy boots & hats!
Cute Model! 
Cowgirl Chrissy!
So I took her to Cavendar's and she had fun trying all the different hats & boots on!
She finally settled on her favorite hat & pair of boots.
 We went home to the 5th wheel, packed up, and as soon as Dean arrived home we ate and left to head back to Our Way Too!

Our days with our daughter are going by way too fast!!

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