Tuesday, October 18, 2011

September 2, 2011

Projects & Messes!

Slept in til 9:30am!
 I guess this drive to Houston/Kemah every weekend is catching up to us.
 It is just so hard to get here then hop into bed right away.
 We cannot wait til we can be onboard full time!! 

We sipped our morning coffee, had cereal & planned the day.
 We went to the office and paid our slip rent,
 went to the Kemah Post Office to mail a box to
 Landon C for his belated Birthday gift,
 went to West Marine for our Galveston Bay chart (we had a West Advantage certificate to use),
 then to the hardware store for a new lock tumbler for the companionway door...
we couldn't get it to unlock last weekend and it didn't want to unlock again last night!

When we got back I dug into cleaning the old silicone out from around the outer edge of the windows on the port side. Dean will help me reseal them early in the morning so the sun isn't so hot.
 When they are resealed then all we have left to do are the seals in all the portholes.
 There shouldn't be any more leaks when it rains! :-)

While I was making a mess on the deck..
Dean was rippin' & tearin' and making a mess in the salon.
 First he mounted his weather station. 

Then he decided to mount our flat screen TV. 
That boy just can't sit still!!
He is gonna run out of projects!
Oh, wait a minute...then he can get started waxing the deck! :-)

Jay, Rob, & Todd
 come over to Our Way Too!
 this evening to continue celebrating
 Jay's 72nd Birthday!! 
Happy Birthday Jay!! We love ya! Cheers!
We had Rum & Cokes, Beers, Margaritas, dinner, then...more cocktails!
 Jay brought his famous home cooked in a cast iron pan Gumbo!
 I had some sausage to add to it, and grabbed some frozen peas out of the freezer which Jay spruced up with onion & seasonings. Yummmmm!
Klyde keeping Todd in line!! ;-)

It actually turned out to be an early evening.
Our guests left and we decided to watch alittle tv then hit the hay. 
Of course more projects again tomorrow!

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