Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Putter-On-Boat Day!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Up enjoying coffee and deciding on our 'list of things to do for today'!

Dean decided today was a 'work on watermaker' day & I decided Our Way Too! needed a good bath. Those darned birds have deposited uncountable direct hits to her deck!
So we did breakfast & our errands to pick up parts for the watermaker repairs. We came back and got right into being busy. Dean down below & me on deck. 
Watermaker Repairman!
After our jobs were done we puttered around cleaning little things, organizing this & that.
We decided we should decorate a bit for the 4th of July so out came the flags! 
Our dear friends Jim & Jane gave us some of the flags & a bow from Senior Prom.
And we bought a large new United States flag.

Our Way Too! in all her Glory....ready to celebrate the 4th of July

All Decked out!

She wears it well! :-)

Our Way Too! looked 'Grand' all ready for the 4th of July Celebration!

Dean hopped from project to project for most of the afternoon. He started to remove the GA registration numbers from the hull thinking that would be an easy quick job but that was not to be. Our neighbors we met the other night, Cody & Cameron, came down the dock and Cody lent him an eraser wheel that would make the job a snap. Oh it worked great until.....Dean didn't realize the drill was in reverse and it unscrewed itself right off and PLUNK....into the water! Oh was he upset!! Mostly because it was borrowed! But it really worked great and it was making the job alot easier!
Well we found out he bought it at to find the nearest store that has one in stock!

Our evening went by fast!
 Jay come over to visit and joined us for dinner.
 Before we knew it, it was time for showers and off to bed.
Our long holiday weekend is flying by!
Nite all!

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