Wednesday, October 5, 2011

May the Bird of Paradise Shed on.....

Sunday July 3, 2011

Dean was up bright and early...I really slept in late!
Must've been extra tired from all the hard work washing the boat!

We lingered over coffee while Dean made calls to a couple of NAPA stores.
 Nope...they didn't have the eraser wheel in stock but they could order it.
 Well we'd check a few other stores further away. One said they carry them so off we went. We got there and low & behold...they didn't have them in stock, but he could go get them from another store and would have them there in a couple hours. We had a couple other parts to find so we decided to grab lunch and then hunt down the other parts and just come back in a while. It was too far to make two trips so we went to lunch at Jim's Coney Dog place and we found a Home Depot near by there. We wandered around stalling time until we could go back to get the wheel. 
When we went back to NAPA, Dean came out alittle disappointed. He had ordered 2 wheels
(which they told him the other store had 2!) but when the guy got there....they only had 1!

Oh well, at least they had one...the job was finished as soon as we arrived back at the boat. 
It probably took Dean no more than 15 minutes to get the numbers off both sides of the bow! 
While he was busy with that, I cleaned all of the isinglass.

We were both so busy with what we were doing that we didn't notice that our flags attached to the spinnaker halyard were flying free ~ high in the sky! Dean had attached the bottom end of the string of signal flags to another line and then tied it to our life line. Due to his lack of expertise at knot tying, apparently the wind worked at it until it untied itself! Our flags were not to be reached until the wind died down! 
I wondered what all our marina folks thought...
That new boat in town doesn't know how to fly their flags properly!!

Poor Dean...he's had a rough couple days for things not going right. 
Organizing & Sorting the aft swim platform storage.
Dean waves at me...but do you see all those Birds??
But he's such a good sport...he kept right on working at his projects!

From my Blogpost title I know ya'll must be wondering...

Dean decided it was "Beer Thirty" & "take a break time" to cool down.
Just before he stepped into the cockpit...
Yepper!! One of our friendly Bird's of Paradise shed a 'Direct Hit' to Dean's shoulder!
He washed it off with the hose then came down below for his beer break and said,
"Guess what happened to me?"
I looked at him sorta dumbfounded and shrugged my shoulders.
He calmly says, "I got Shit on!"
I busted into hysterics! I knew that was gonna happen to one of us eventually, not just Our Way Too!
I wish I could've been out on deck to see his face!
Oh my Gosh! I am still laughing out loud!! Sorry Honey!!

We decided after that it was time to put away things for the day and kick back. We invited Jay over for cocktails, chicken on the grill dinner, then a couple more cocktails.

Good Friends~Good Food~Good Drinks~Good Laughs~Good Company!!
In no particular order! :-)

We went up for showers and afterwards sat by the pool with Cody, Cameron, and their puppy Nula for a bit to watch all the boats coming in & out of the channel. 
Another beautiful day in Kemah has come to an end...
And I am still laughing!!

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