Sunday, October 9, 2011

Chrissy in Kemah!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Chrissy snuck out early and did her run. Such dedication!
But it must wear her out...this is afterward!
A mid morning siesta!

I turned her loose in Our Way Too!'s Galley.
She's hired!! 
 I think she enjoyed it! She put together a light lunch.
She did up some Plantain's for us to try. They were yummy!
She definitely enjoys cooking! And altho I am sure her culinary school has taught her a great deal, 
She is a natural born Chef!

Since we are not able to take the boat out we decided to take Chrissy on the tour of Kemah area.
We headed next door to the Boardwalk.
Dad & Daughter
(Our Way Too! is in this picture as well! To the right of Dean's arm...
it's the tallest mast that is just about touching the telephone lines.) 
We had saved exploring the Boardwalk for when we had company to enjoy it with.
This was our first time here as well.
 At the Aquarium Restaurant
We just stepped in to check it out.

We will have
 to go
up in this sometime.

It would be
quite a view
of all
out in
the Bay!

 A nice
day in

Lots of folks
enjoying the
with their
We wandered around along the boardwalk side so Chrissy could see Galveston Bay.

 Who's fault you say?
Daddy, Daddy, please don't leave me here!! Save me!!!

If we could keep her out of the Saloon, then we could probably keep her out of jail!!
The girl sure has a mind of her own!! ;-) Such a independent lil' thing!

We had a great afternoon wandering around seeing the sights. We left the Boardwalk and took her for a drive along the Bay coastline just to see the area a bit.
We went scouting for the "Green Parrot Tree".
The story is that during one of the hurricanes, the owners let their Parrots loose to fend for themselves. Never thinking that they would survive, multiply, and make this area their homestead.
Jay had taken us to the tree during our first trip to Kemah and it was loaded with green parrots!
We drove for quite awhile and finally found the tree,
 but sadly there were no parrots to share with Chrissy.
I will have to investigate that more...maybe they just moved to a bigger tree?

We went on a mission to find a vodka that Chrissy wanted us to try.  ~"360 Vodka"~
 Found it at Spec's in Webster so we headed back to the boat to enjoy "Cocktail Hour".
Chrissy introduced us to  a nice smooth vodka & 7-up! We like!!!

We hung out, had some laughs and enjoyed catching up!
Then we headed out to Gilhooley's for a late supper. 
Newman & Michael are lonesome for her!

 Enjoying Gilhooley's!!
Good Company!
Good Food!
Chrissy ordered a chicken sandwich...just in case she didn't like oysters. 
 Great Faces!! HA HA!!

We always order our favorites: A dozen "Raw" & a dozen "Shrimphooley's"
Chrissy like's the famous "Oyster's"! :-)

We headed back to Our Way Too! to enjoy a beautiful evening onboard.
 Our time with Chrissy is going by way too fast!

We haven't done alot while she's been here, but just "being together" means the world to us!!
 Chrissy & her proud Daddy!
Our Beautiful Bow Bunny!
Chrissy & her proud Momma Katie!

She thinks she is on the Titanic!
Our Way Too! is so Big!!

This actress would give Kate Winslow a run for her money!! ;-)
Enjoying the deck on Our Way Too!
For sure the next visit we will be able to take you Sailing!!

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