Thursday, October 6, 2011

Happy 4th of July!!

Monday July 4, 2011

Happy Happy 4th of July Everyone!!

Enjoyed my coffee up in the cockpit this morning! Let Dean sleep in to recover from his rough day yesterday and I am sure it will be a late night drive home. He has a list a mile long of things he would like to do but I wish he would just take a day to enjoy our boat. The man just cannot sit still!

Today will be such a great day!!
 I hope to talk Dean into dinner out & staying for the fireworks.
Dread the drive back to Dallas, but it must be done...GM wouldn't let him off!
When Honey woke up & relaxed with his coffee, we contemplated our day.

I 've been pouting alittle... the 4th of July isn't the 4th of July unless we can watch the fireworks!!!
Since we can't take our boat out to watch them I talked him into taking me out for dinner somewhere nice, then come back to watch the fireworks
before the long drive back to Dallas. Oh...and I promised to help him drive!

I sternly told my Hubby that he had to be done with his projects by 4pm so he could clean up & we could enjoy our date and a bit of the holiday. I'm sounding so bossy!! ;-)

While Dean started his own projects, I decided to work on two of my own.
 First whenever I sit down for a few minutes I try to work on the Gulf trip Blog, updating & uploading the pictures. I feel bad that it is taking me so long but there has been other priorities, Fibromialgia flareups, lack of Internet/issues with Internet, 1 trip to MI and once again, I am job searching. Now I am preparing for yet another trip to MI but afterward we will have all of our boating equipment here so that we can sort it and determine what we need and sell what we don't!
 My second project of the day was the forward cabin and head.
 It has become our catch all storage area for the things we are not sure that we want to keep or it doesn't have it's own spot yet. It was such a disaster! You wouldn't know that there was even a bed up there!
 So I worked diligently at organizing and cleaning up the mess. I am sure I will add to, take out, and rearrange a few more times...but I can walk in there and it is at least useable now!

I told my Hubby we had reservations and NOT to ask any questions!
Being the "gotta keep the Wife happy" kind of guy that he is, he followed my directions perfectly!
By this time he knew I was up to something...

I must interject here with this note. In our 10 years of marriage I have not been able to surprise Dean with anything! If I buy him a present...he knows what it is before it's opened. If I try to surprise him with something he figures out what it is. He is Mr Observant and I call him 'Mr Gotta Know Everything'!!

 The last 10 minutes of the drive, I know he figured out the "something"...
It didn't help that Houston Hobby Airport signs were plastered all along the highway when I said,
 "Take the next exit."
and it didn't help that we were there too early and we had to drive around and around and around the circle like 8 times!! The plane was a little late.
Well that just gave him too darn much time to think!
I could see his wheels turning and the smoke coming out of his ears!! ;-)
Now the big question was WHO?



Our "Chrissy Girl" arrived and Daddy spotted her the moment she stepped out the door of the airport!
He said "I knew it would be her!
I told him, " didn't know, and just never mind, enjoy being surprised for once in your life!"
You don't always gotta know everything!"
High 5's to me & Chrissy!! We pulled it off right up to the last few minutes!
(We had been planning this since Father's Day!)

Gotcha Honey!! :-)
HAPPY 4th of JULY!!

Now he understood why I was so set on staying for the fireworks! And we had to hurry back to the marina so that we could introduce Chrissy to Our Way Too! and see those fireworks!

Welcome To Texas!!
Fireworks just for Chrissy! ;-)
I dare say these two were enjoying themselves!!
This is what we see every friday night in Kemah throughout the summer!
It's absolutely awesome to be on a boat watching them from the Bay!

We had a great view from our Dock.
 Except for the bridge gets in the way if the fireworks don't go high enough.

Bummer...4th of July has come to an end for us.
 It was time to load up, jump into the car and endure the long drive to Dallas.
 If Dean were to call in...he would lose his holiday pay and get wrote up. :-(
We are hoping maybe he can get Wednesday and Thursday off so that we can come back to the boat tomorrow night after work?! I will play tourist with Chrissy of the DFW area during the day until we can come back to the boat. Hopefully, his boss decides to give him at least 1 day off while Chrissy is here.
We shall see...

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