Monday, January 9, 2012

It's a Foulie's Kind of day!
Drip drying!
We definitely need the rain here in Texas! 
And I was woke up at 2:30 am with the aft cabin lit up like the sun blinding me.
I hopped out of bed & scurried around OWT! like a little mouse, 
checking for window leaks and any other leaks we may find. 
That has been a routine lately whenever it does rain. 
Dean is working hard to get this sweet ole Girl totally dry on her inside.

Everything seemed back to bed I went.
 I laid there for over an hour listening to the big Thunder Boomers,
watching my eyelids light up from the lightening &
 enjoyed the sashay of Our Way Too! dancing in her slip.
Slept like a bug in a rug cuddled into my warm flannel sheets til morning!

My short morning hike up to the shower house kept getting delayed as the rain
continued on & off like a faucet. Finally I decided...
"Girl, you have Rain Gear...what are you waiting for?"
(or West Marine's Foul Weather Jacket & Bibs)
Staying dry!

So out I went into the downpour! Ha...the only thing that didn't stay dry was my legs and feet!( I had on shorts & flip flops) :-)

Soon I will have to head out into the elements again to go to work.
 It looks as if it won't clear up for a bit yet so... "Foulie's" will hang to drip dry until the next trip out!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year from Our Way Too!

January 1, 2012

It's kinda funny... since our Family all lives in Michigan, Georgia, & Florida now, we sorta get to celebrate at 11:00pm & at Midnite!!
We are getting & receiving texts on our phones wishing us Happy New Year at 11:00pm!
 Then we are reciprocating at our "Midnite" saying Happy New Year at the south end of the USA!
It really is a "HI TECH" world now...& altho we don't know all about it...we do appreciate 
being able to reach, see, & be close to our family& friends via texts, skype, facetime, & facebook!

So after the BLURRED out fireworks we went up to the Clubhouse to relax & bring in the New year on the Big Screen with NYC!
This is MUCH better!!
Great Virginia wine to bring in 2012!!!
(Now that our children have moved back to Michigan, I guess we have to sail to the East Coast to get more!!)
We can do!!!  ;-)  BIG SMILES!!!

We enjoyed our early evening with Good food & our Great Marina Family,
Food in mouth picture! 
Todd will tell us if it's all good!!
Good food...Good Company...Good Times!!
3 Amigo's
Awwwwee...... Happy New Year Smootches!!
Deana keepin' Cory under control!
sharin' the bubbly
Troy, Dean, & Phil....let's have those new years snackins' Rhonda!!
happy new year smiles!
our happy girl!  :-)
the gang
We enjoyed a favorite movie of all of us Sailors..."Captain Ron"
 until several of our Crew were ready to nod off into LaLa Land. 
Cory & Tammy gave us an exciting ride home on their speedy golf cart
and the Kemah City Police even visited us looking for those darn "illegal firecracker folks" from the dark side of Seabrook... ;-)

I'm thinkin' twas Captain Jack...
Captain Jack Sparrow that is...

an a Happy New Year to ya Matey's!!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year's Eve...

December 31, 2011

It's awesome to be in Kemah, Texas...
 we have fireworks several times throughout the year...not just the 4th of July!!!

We can sail year around...except when the cold north wind flares & blows our water out of the bay!!!
(but ... thats only for some folks who don't have a deep draft )
And we may have some chilly winter days but...
the Sun Shines,
 we do not have 5' snow drifts, the Snow does not blow...
& we do NOT have to shovel Snow!!
We must always look at the glass WAY over half Full!!

Us "Michigander Transplants" are enjoying not having to wear a Heavy Winter Coat!!
Enjoying the Portofino Island Dock & waiting for the New Year to Ring in!!! 
A Toast to ring out the old 2011!!!

Out on the island in our Portofino Marina...waiting to watch the fireworks!!

The Bummer is....
the fireworks were blocked by the Fog!!
It was rolling in slowly... and it was rather SPOOKY!
 I deleted all of my pictures of the fireworks because they only showed a Pink Glow!
So...we just celebrated the upcoming New Year with our Portofino Marina Family...