Monday, January 9, 2012

It's a Foulie's Kind of day!
Drip drying!
We definitely need the rain here in Texas! 
And I was woke up at 2:30 am with the aft cabin lit up like the sun blinding me.
I hopped out of bed & scurried around OWT! like a little mouse, 
checking for window leaks and any other leaks we may find. 
That has been a routine lately whenever it does rain. 
Dean is working hard to get this sweet ole Girl totally dry on her inside.

Everything seemed back to bed I went.
 I laid there for over an hour listening to the big Thunder Boomers,
watching my eyelids light up from the lightening &
 enjoyed the sashay of Our Way Too! dancing in her slip.
Slept like a bug in a rug cuddled into my warm flannel sheets til morning!

My short morning hike up to the shower house kept getting delayed as the rain
continued on & off like a faucet. Finally I decided...
"Girl, you have Rain Gear...what are you waiting for?"
(or West Marine's Foul Weather Jacket & Bibs)
Staying dry!

So out I went into the downpour! Ha...the only thing that didn't stay dry was my legs and feet!( I had on shorts & flip flops) :-)

Soon I will have to head out into the elements again to go to work.
 It looks as if it won't clear up for a bit yet so... "Foulie's" will hang to drip dry until the next trip out!

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