Thursday, September 29, 2011

New Ritual on Arrival Night - June 30, 2011

After our 4 1/2 hr drive down from Dallas we arrived at the Portofino Harbour Marina about 10:30pm.

We are hoping that the issue with the forward cabin air conditioning is taken care of. Dean had called a guy that Rob recommended we call... Patrick McAndrew@ True North Marine Service. They opted to do the quicker/cheaper fix to get us by which he figured would work 3 months/6 months/possibly forever. 
They supposedly had it repaired and working.

We arrived at the boat to  a very quiet & calm marina. 
It was 99 degrees down in the cabin and the forward air decided it wasn't going to work for us!
We have no choice but to manage with just the aft cabin air conditioning for the night.

We loaded the fridge & freezer, then poured ourselves a couple of glasses of Franconia (which we filled our growlers  and brought with us from the 5th Wheel) and went out on deck to admire our Beauty! 
~ Our Way Too! ~
{AKA thru out the blog OWT! for short}

 We have been so lonesome for her!

 Dean & I both did our "walk around" just as we did at anchor on our Gulf trip.
 We marveled at how she still looks so BIG to us! I nick named her the BAB (Big Ass Boat!)
Then we walked around her one more time and decided that enjoying our "walk arounds" on arrival night would become a ritual for us as long as we are "Trunk Slammer's".

What is a "Trunk Slammer" you ask?
  It is a person or persons whom arrive for a short period of time to their boat.
 For example...They arrive on Friday night get their goods out of the trunk and slam it shut!
 Then on Sunday afternoon, they load their goods back into the trunk and slam it shut once again!
 Then they leave to go home.
 When we lived on our power boat back home in Whitehall, MI for the summer, that was our term for those that joined us on the weekends!

 We sat on the bow for awhile then went and sat on the sunpad. The music was playing over at the Kemah Boardwalk so we just relaxed with our beer and jabbered about our "To Do" list to get done while we were there for the long weekend!

For starters...she will get a good bath!! It appears I was correct and OWT! had many direct hits from the 
~ Birds of Paradise ~

Since the boat wasn't cooling down very fast we decided to go for a swim and cool off in the pool.
It was a great night to just float and enjoy the stars!
When we decided to get out of the pool, we rinsed off again in the shower, but before we headed back to the boat we took a detour up to check out the upstairs of the club house.
There we met our neighbors! A really sweet couple from Louisiana...
Cody & Cameron.
We chatted for a bit  and wandered back toward J Dock.

They were refitting a very old boat & trying to bring it back to life.
 Bless their's a heck of a big job!!

Come to find out our Boats were bow to bow!
We said our Goodnight's & climbed aboard....

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