Thursday, September 29, 2011

FYI - Fuel Consumption from Gulf Trip!

Just a short post to add this:

The Guys were very concerned about our fuel consumption coming across the Gulf. When we returned it took us a few weeks to get over to the Fuel Dock to fill up and figure what we had used. 

Our Way Too! has a 70 gallon diesel tank.
 We used a total of 46 gallons for our crossing from Tampa Bay Marina to Portofino Marina.
 We run the engine 61.8 hours over the course of 6 days.

So...if our math is correct we came up with .74433 gallons/hour! 

~ 46 gallons divided by 61.8 hours = .74433657 gallons/hour ~

Our opinion is that Our Way Too! is very fuel efficient
 and even though she has great fuel economy she


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  1. Now that is much better then your past boat. I know it is much slower but now you can enjoy life along the way and catch fish as well.