Wednesday, September 28, 2011

June 17, 2011 Day 13 " Gulf Crossing"

Wee hours of the morn....

Randy is at the helm......
We let out all the reefs and it's a beautiful night to be under full sail! 
Little bit bouncy as the night goes on but doable and the guys are still in "conserve fuel" mode.

Being the great helmsman he is, Randy keeps a good eye out. He weaves Our Way Too! thru the maze of oil platforms and then spotted a big ole' workboat coming at us. All of a sudden a huge spotlight is on us lighting up our sails & cockpit & some guy hollars on the radio to "Identify" ourselves.
Obviously these guys don't see too many S/V's (Sailing Vessel) out here!!

Randy replied that we were "S/V Our Way Too!...under full sail...enroute to Kemah, TX!"
(If he knew his navigation lights well as a Captain should, he would've known we were legit!)
He said he wasn't sure what we were...said to have a good night...shut off the bright light...turned his big boat sharp to starboard & gunned it leaving us in his big wake!

Well....allrighty then!!

It's a busy night for our Crew keeping a close eye open for rigs, platforms, and Crazy Workboats!
The winds are picking up along with the waves. It's getting a bit choppy and rough out here. 
I take a bunch of photo's to show how the seas have grown but it really doesn't show the height like I want it to. It will give you an idea how choppy it becomes tho.
Guess who is sleeping again!
Looking from the high side!
Looking Forward
Low side
Don't fall out Sleeping Beauty!!
Capt' Randy at the Helm with the Candy Container!
Still sleepin'!
Really...this was taken only a few minutes later. ;-)
We have some Company out here!!
Randy seems to have more energy than the rest of us!
I think it's all the sugar!!
I know what it is!! It's that music he is jammin' to!! ;-) He is always smilin' when he is at the helm too!

Still choppy & rough out here!
This is by far the roughest day we have had on this trip and it's really not that bad. We are all just getting tired and uncomfortable. We are all in dire need of a good hot shower & a full night sleep. Running low on water is NOT a good thing. Dean will be right on that issue when we arrive to find out why!! We are still rationing the drinking water and have had no showers. Thankfully we have wet wipes to freshen us up & get the salt off as best as we can. Today we have just snacked on leftovers & whatever we could find. Too bumpy to cook down below. Whoever said the Gulf of Mexico would be easy?!
Ahh hahh....he moved!
Dad's turn....he is better but not quite!
We think this may be our  "LAST SUNSET" of this trip!

Our Way Too! and her crew sail on into one more night of starry skies, choppy seas, oil platforms.....

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