Thursday, September 29, 2011

Settling into a New Home for Our Way Too! June 19, 2011

We hope you have a wonderful day and we "Thank You" for being with us on our 1st voyage!
 We love you!

Happy Father's Day to all!!

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beautiful sister Kim!!

Dock J ~ Slip 16

Up & at 'em this morning!
 We have many projects & clean up to do to prep Our Way Too! before we leave her today.
 Dean has to be back to work tomorrow!
 I will catch up laundry and get ready to leave for Michigan to take Dad & Randy home.

 First coffee and alittle breakfast...
's pretty bad when I make my Daddy cook his own Father's Day breakfast! Shame on me!! :(

Randy & Dean gave Our Way Too! a really good bath (not just a rinse) to get all the salt off her.
 I could've collected the salt from the lifelines into a bowl and used it in the galley!! 
Everything was white & covered with it, 
even some in the cabin.

Busy as bees getting things cleaned up, stowed, and organized! 
The guys working out on deck & me working down below.

If you look closely at the dock in this photo above,
 you will see that Our Way Too! may not be slipped in an ideal spot!
 We have power lines above us just to our starboard side and I have a feeling that the
    ~Birds of Paradise~ 
will be shedding on Our Way Too! with alot of direct hits!!
(Possibly on our heads too!) 
That means we will have to give her a really good bath every weekend! 

We loaded everything into the car and walked up the dock...sadly leaving Our Way Too! behind.
 We are going to miss her...and can't wait til 4th of July weekend so we can come back!!
She feels like HOME now!

It was an extra long ride back to Arlington as we came upon a bad fire on I 45. Traffic was backed up so we cut across the median and found the back roads to work our way around it.
We were all tired & very ready to catch up on some more sleep.
We had to take Randy to eat at WHATABURGER!

Dad & Randy kicking back in the 5th Wheel resting up for the long ride to Michigan!
Leaving Arlington @ 0400 hr!
They are both eager to get home.

 Dean & I say "Thank you again & Love you both so much!
 We hope you enjoyed the Trip Across the Gulf!!"

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