Saturday, September 3, 2011

June 14, 2011 Day 10 "Gulf Crossing"

Happy Birthday Captain Randy!!!

We hope you are having a great trip & are honored to have you with us! We love you!
Thank you for being with us & all your help, long hours at the helm & advice. 

Also a very "Happy Birthday" to my friend Dave Hemmerling!!
It's Flag Day!

Motorsailing since 0040 hr
At 0600 hr we have traveled 251 nautical miles into the Gulf.
We have 400 nm more to go to Kemah TX!!
Beautiful Sunrise
At 0645 hr we have 3-5' waves off our bow. West winds @ 18 knots....steady.
1228 hours on our engine.

At 0830 hr engine was quieted and we were under full sail once again. Winds still @18 knots.
At 0945 hr we are still plugging away westwardly. Winds are not cooperating very well.
Up...down...changing direction...motor on....motor off! We just go with the wind!!

We had 2 small casualties today on Rob's watch...or should I say offerings to Neptune! 
First ...the wind stole Rob's "Wandering Star" hat off his head and it was laid to rest at 3000ft in the 
Gulf of Mexico. Then shortly after the small cutting board we used to filet fish, slid off the aft deck into the drink as well. Just glad is wasn't a MOB!! (Man overboard) Our Way Too! likes to keep her crew all on board & safe!!

My Birthday Boy requested Brownies instead of a cake, so I baked some for him today. They tasted very good for a change!
I enjoy working in the galley! It will take some getting used to but I will do fine. My tummy gets a workout when cooking/baking underway...that's for sure. Lurching this way...then that way...Maybe I will shed some pounds! I do have to be very cautious when working with the oven tho...opening the heavy door and not being on guard could slide the hot pan right out of the oven if I don't keep it level. I definitely don't want to burn myself!

About 1600 hr the wind was W/NW @ 6 knots...then jumped to 15 knots! The "Wind Gods" just can't seem to decide what they wanna do and how hard they wanna blow!!

Dad is still not feeling well. The more sleep he gets the better off he will be. I am still keeping a close eye on him. I sound just like his mother...drink more water...did you take your medicine?

We are finally seeing something besides sky & water!
Our very first Oil Rig!

Now begins the "all eyes forward & alert...especially at night"
This is the main reason we needed extra people on board to help be on the lookout. Some are working, some are not. Some are deserted & unlit...just sticking out of the water.

Our Way Too! begins her zigging and zagging trek through the Gulf of Mexico's Oil Platform's for the remainder of our trip to Galveston Bay. We sailed very close to quite a few of them. They are staggered all over the place out here! It's like a mine field!

Randy took watch from 1800 hr to 2400hr. He watched a large ship off in a distance & learned via radio conversation that they were doing soundings.
The wind was at about 12 knots & the seas at about 2 ft.

Dean come up on watch at midnite. Beautiful night with a full moon!
We clipped along pinching the wind under full sail! Wind at 17 knots.
Our Way Too! is flying along
I did some playing with my camera trying to get some good shots at night. This one turned out the best. It appears as if we are just flying across the Gulf!! :-)

Rob next on watch. He was in time for the seas to start pickin up and become confused.
Another night out in the middle of the Gulf is almost over.....

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