Wednesday, November 20, 2013

OMG!!! 30 Days Left!!!

What to do??
What do I do first??
30 days til we cut the docklines!!
Am I ready?? Yes & No...scared...excited...mixture of emotions...bare with me folks...
I feel like a spazed out crazy woman right now!!
I feel like I am losing my grip at work...
Thank God for Karen...she is keeping me sane!
Dean tells me it'll be OK, don't stress!!
 (I know he's stressing a bit too...planning, oil changes, etc...
he only has a few weekend days to accomplish his list!!)
David tells me to drink more wine!! :-) (I think I might have to!!)
Redfish Island Marine has been my 'baby' for quite a while. 
I feel I'm a part of it, it is a part of me!!
It's kept me busy when my husband has had to work out of town and
 I have met the most wonderful people! 
I am grateful for the opportunity and friendships I've gained. 
Oh how I will miss my 'Redfish Crew' & 'Awesome Customers'!!! 
I 'dislike' Good-byes!!
OMGosh!! 30 days left before departure!!

Is Dean ready?? Oh yeah...37.6 years at GM...he is sick of punchin' the time clock.
For the past 2 years, Dean has driven from Arlington TX, over 300 miles each way, to be home with me on weekends aboard OWT! That my friends is dedication, to his wife and his home!!
 He has spent most weekends engrossed in what I call 'projects' to prepare us for this day.
(More posts later of all the 'projects' to prep OWT! for this adventure.)
He deserves this retirement!!! It's about time!!!

Is Our Way! ready??
A leisurely sunset sail on Galveston Bay
At anchor near Redfish Island
She's ready!!! Yes...she was built to SAIL!!!
OWT!'s happy place is out sailing and resting 'at anchor' not glued to a dock!!
Ready to embark on her next adventure!!
 A main character in the next chapter of the 'Calkins Saga'.
Breathe Katie Breathe...

Destinations to be determined...
(Destination Wedding in St Thomas, VI's in the fall of 2014???)

P.S...Thank you for tolerating my ramblings & panic attacks...

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