Saturday, November 16, 2013

Klyde's Kountdown

Klyde is still waiting patiently to go 'Crusing' again on Our Way Too!

Guess what...?? His countdown has begun!!!! 

Katie's Klyde

Klyde is Katie's special friend from her job at Arlington AISD.
She fell in love with his soft furriness, bright eyes, and
Kewl Klyde Attitude!!!
He flew on a airplane from TX to FL
(ya'll should've seen the looks I got carrying my Klyde in my backback!!)
...cruised onboard Our Way
(at that time, not officially OWT! yet)
from east coast FL around to Tampa, FL
then straight across the Gulf of Mexico to Galveston, TX!!

Klyde's Kountdown has begun...
Dean & Katie are driving themselves crazy preparing Our Way Too! for departure!!

Waiting patiently in his comfy spot..the perch!!

 Klyde's Kountdown...35 days til the adventure begins!!  

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