Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Special Touch for OWT!

 We wanted to keep the 'sunburst' that was on the Wind Generator Covers,
but we also wanted to include our 'anchor charm' from our previous boat name.

The faded covers and the really dirty blades!!
 So when Dean removed the generators to rebuild each one and paint the blades,
we shipped the covers to our daughter Tammy to see what she could come up with!
 This is the finished product!!! 

Hand painted and sketched by Tammy!!

Both done & ready for installation!!

 They look great!!!
Thank you Tammy & Tony for all your time & effort put into this project!
We love you both & appreciate it very much!!!
Congratulations on your engagement!!
Our Way Too! & Crew look forward to having you onboard soon!!!

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