Thursday, December 12, 2013

9 Days Left!!!

 Time is all of a sudden flying by!!! It must be my age!?
I'm sure the next 9 days will go by in a flash!! 
The panic mode is even stronger now but it's mixed with Redfish withdrawl, planning our departure
 and butterflies of excitement!!
Kinda like going on vacation...only's permanent vacation!!

It's been a crazy past few weeks...
Organizing, cleaning out storage, dock box, a wedding, etc..etc...

We decided last weekend that even tho we'd be underway on Christmas we needed a bit of Christmas out came the Christmas tree...and a wreath hung on the mast! 

Our neighbors have adorned their boats with outdoor lights so I will just enjoy those this year!

A BIG Thank you to...
 Rob & Janet of Wandering Star
Larry & Karen of Whisper
Chris & Tammy of Living & Loving Life,
Glen (whom I will have to edit this later with name of boat!!)
for sharing your lights with us!!

We took time out to attend a wedding in Wichita Falls for a very special couple!!
Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Matt Singer! We love you!!!

Hmmm...Dean & I clean up fairly well!!!

This is it for awhile folks...dress clothes are in storage!!
It's gonna be swim suits, shorts, flip flops or barefoot as soon as we hit warmer climate!! 
Gonna be toes in the water...buttocks in the sand!! ;-)

Happy Birthday to our Grandson...Kolden James!!! 
9 years old today!!
 Oma & Opa are so proud of the fine young man you are becoming!!
Nine years have flown by...seems like yesterday...

FYI folks...working on the new website! 
Will post as soon as it is up & running...having a bit of technical difficulty!! :-(

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