Thursday, November 24, 2011

Our First Thanksgiving on Our Way Too!

November 24, 2011

Happy Anniversary Kim & Larry!!
(I finally have the date least I was 2 days early instead of 2 days late!)

Happy Thanksgiving Family & Friends!!

I am thankful for so much in my life...
God as my Savior,
My faithful Husband & Best Friend
My Family
My Friends
My Health
Our Way Too!
the vessel that will safely accompany us to live our Dream!

I could go on & on & on...
The Blessings in my life are daily & the list is long!

We slept in & woke up this morning to a quiet beautiful sunny day with our coffee in the cockpit of 
Our Way Too!
We decided to start preparations for our ~Thanksgiving Dinner~ so that we could eat early afternoon.

 (an actual 'Bird' IF we could stuff it into OWT's oven!)
 (Stovetop - Hey...we can't be too fancy here!)
~Mashed Potatoes~
(Idahoan Instant-stockin' up on these babies for cruzin'! EZ & YUM)
(Out of a jar-tasted just fine)
~Sweet Potatoes~
(Bake in Microwave)
(Whole Kernel-heat & eat)
(No baking required!)
~Cranberry Sauce~
(Jellied kind...just for Dean!)
~Cherry Pie~
(No...I did not bake it myself...but it was warm when I bought it!)

Because this was a moving week we really did keep it simple & easy. But we were able to stuff (just barely) a 12 pound Turkey Bird into the galley oven!
The Bird is almost done!!
I have decided we will shoot for a 10 pound next time! Dean thought he was gonna have to beat the bird down to fit it in there! 
We enjoyed a blessed, wonderful, relaxing day, cooking together...
Carving the Turkey!
Husband & Wife...
A Toast to our 1st Thanksgiving aboard Our Way Too!
Captain & First Mate...
Best Friends & Cruising Partners Forever & Ever!!

Would you believe we were sooooooo full??!! We even forgot to nuke the sweet potatoes and make the stuffing!! Never even realized it til we were doing up the dishes!
 I picked the Bird clean for leftovers then walked over and joined our new marina friends...
Cory & Tammy~S/V Menestheus~ (recently engaged & liveaboards too!),
  up in the clubhouse for the last quarter of the Cowboys game, dessert, & the latest 'Pirates of the Caribbean-On Stranger Tides' movie.

We truely wish ya'll are blessed beyond measure on this Thanksgiving Day!!

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