Saturday, November 26, 2011

Rum & Stone's...

November 25, 2011

After our Turkey sedation finally wore off,
 we slept in (gotta get out of this habit!), enjoyed coffee in the cockpit(gotta make this more of a habit!),
  did our morning chores like fill the water tanks...tidy up...etc...
Got ourselves cleaned up & headed to 

Railean's Rum Openhouse
Eagle Point Distillery
San Leon, TX
Kelly was having an Openhouse to share her local Rum & Agave Spirits!

Then we hopped in the 'zip-zip' car & headed to Bryan/College Station to have a very
Short but Sweet visit with our daughter & son-in-love,
 Chrissy & Micheal, 
and our dear friends & Micheal's Grandparents,
Grady & Nancy.

We visited for a bit at their hotel before dinner. We brought Chrissy a Railean Rum Distillery Chef's Apron & a Kelly Railean signed bottle of Blue Agave Spirits for Micheal.

We went to really nice restaurant for dinner...had a great time!!

Late nite getting back to OWT! We were so tired. I slept most of the way home.
 Thankfully my Hubby & Love of my life can stay awake after overeating & drive  us home!!

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