Thursday, July 7, 2011

June 9, 2011 Day 5

Up bright & early-0700 hr. Dean is worried we won't be to Tampa on time to pick up the crew. We do not want to keep them waiting. Dad made breakfast of Bacon, Eggs & Toast....we are in our glory while clogging our arteries!! :D

Cookin' Breakfast!
Anchor up @ 0900 hr and we were underway. John called from Norway to check on us & see how Our Way Too! is performing for us. She is awesome John & Nelly!! We love her already!! He & Dean chatted for quite some time. I just know they are going to miss her...especially John-15 years of TLC...especially when he arrives home and she isn't docked outside his front door. It will look so empty! I guess they will have to come visit us in Texas!! ;) At least until we return...

Today is beautiful. Sunny  & in the 80's. Winds are about 15 knots out of the West. Seas are 1-2' Sails up at 1000 hr. Dad decided to wet a line right away so he kicked back read and watched the pole. I decided to clean our eisenglas since it was covered with yesterdays salt from the deck washes & splashes. That done I headed below to organize a little bit. Needed to put things away better....feel a bit more organized if at all possible! It is easier on me & my body to move around more comfortably when it is calm & I'm not being lurched across the dinette table!!

We discovered we have STOWAWAYS!! And by the gazillions I might add! Flies, flies, and more flies! Oh Boy! No flyswatter either...better add that to my list!

I made a light lunch of Mexican Corn Dip w/ Fritos, (Recipe is Compliments of Mrs Anne Johnson, friend & secretary from my school), Wheat Ritz Crackers, sliced Tomatos, & sliced Bananas. Yummy! We enjoyed lunch up in the cockpit. 

Kapt' Katie & Kewl Klyde
Kewl Klyde
The wind blowin' his hair back!
Dean decided to go on "Fly Patrol" while Katie took over the helm. He closed up cabin doors and went on the great "Hunt." He did not resurface for a very, very long time! Dad's poor fishing magazine will never look the same!

Atop the bimini...adjusting the flaking system.
Then Dean decided he needed to adjust the Dutchman lazy jack when he disappeared & I couldn't see him from the helm I panicked & went looking. His brain is always ticking about something! You never know where you might find him!

Sanibel Island
The scenery is absolutely beautiful. Brilliant turquoise water and off to our east the FL shoreline and white sandy beaches of Sanibel Island. The wind calmed to almost nothing...0-1kts...switched to N/NW so I chose to motor-sail awhile. About 1545 hr we pulled the sails down and continued to motor. There was no wind at all! We wanted to arrive at our anchorage early to get some extra much needed sleep. I think the sun & wind are tiring us all out. Not used to it I guess. About 1830 hr the wind picked up along with the seas building out of the west...1-3'. We decided to keep motoring as we were just about to our destination. As we approached we could see about 40 fishing boats blocking the channel entrance...most of which had lines in the water. None of them wanted to move. We moseyed our way in and around them, might of even ticked off a couple! Wonder what the heck they are fishing for?

Sunset over the Gulf of Mexico
Anchor down & set @ 1900 hr just inside the channel of Charlotte Harbor. Dean & Dad did their "lift the dingy for air flow" routine while I set to fixing something to eat. As I was mixing up Tuna Salad for sandwiches, sliced tomatoes & chips for supper, Dad came down & discovered the carpet was soaked all in front of the companionway. We discovered our water pump had sprung a gigantic leak. :( So we had to drag out the carpet onto the dingy to dry, clean up the wet mess, and proceed to finish the food prep. While we were finishing up our supper & sitting in the cockpit I had just commented to Dean that we couldn't leave the carpet out there incase the wind came up & our carpet ended up in the water. Not a minute later the wind picked up and tried to defy me!! It flipped the carpet off the dingy, half over the lifelines toward the water...but...I was quick!! I jumped up & out of the cockpit...saved the carpet & the towel that was hanging on the lifeline! :)

We cleaned up supper. Took showers on the transom while fishing boats came by and bounced us all over the place. I think we may have been anchored in their normal cut through. Sorry guys!!

Nitey Nite Klyde!
You lucky bird....Dean hasn't hung my hammock yet!!
We put Klyde to bed along with ourselves.

59.4 nm today

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