Thursday, July 7, 2011

June 8, 2011 Day 4

Up at 6:15a but my Crew slept a few minutes longer. I woke up alot during the nite and walked around the boat....checkin' to make sure we were still secure! Must be sleeping with one eye open....makes me think of Capt' Ron! :)

Coffee & quick breakfast when my crew woke up then hoisted the anchor @ 0800. Motored under that bridge for the last time on this trip! We are used to it now...but we still watch carefully! :) Sails up & reefed @ 0900hr. Put in 1st reef but then decided to put in 2nd since we still don't have all of our sea leg worthiness yet & we are having gusts. (Admiral's request....Dad & I don't need a ton of bruises!)  Overcast-mostly cloudy w/ some sun. Waves 1-2'. Our Way Too!'s speed 6.2 up to 7.5 knots. Wind out of East @ 10 but with gusts up to 25 knots.

Underway again....just can't wait to get underway again!
(To the tune of "On the Road Again")
We had a pretty uneventful afternoon. Very relaxed cruise & crew! The wind died down to almost zilch again so we let out the head sail some. Still moving along at 5.2-5.4 kts. We are far enough out to be out of cell service! Strange feeling but nice to not have phone ringing.

Dean loving this!!

Dad watching the waves go by!

I'm thinkin' they are both pretty relaxed!!

Enjoying the view from another great watch spot!

Keeping watch with Edgar Jr.  :)
We discussed saving for a Spinnaker Sail...yep you read it correctly...Jeanne, Roni, & Janie...I never thought I would agree to a "Spinnaker" after that "scare the begeezes outa me" in the narrows on White Lake! ;)  We decided to let out the last reef & go full head sail. Then after a while...all heck broke loose!!! Wind jumped to a steady 24 kts....Seas built quickly to 5-6'. Dean  decided to put both reefs back in to keep better control & to make me happy! ;)

Now you have to remember here... (in my defense)... I have not been on a boat much for 2 years! And I am a Lake Michigan Girl so I know how quickly the waters can change & blow up a storm unexpectedly...I have not a clue if the Ocean or Gulf of Mexico act the same! And I must admit...I am pretty protective of my Daddy who is not a sailor, has NEVER been on a sailboat until this week & is turning 71 in a couple days!

In control & playing it safe!

Being safe, sitting on the low side & reading the Logbook.
So instead of taking any chances I request that we all put on our trusty lifejackets! Then....about 45 minutes later...the wind died, waves lay down and the sun comes out! And hour later(...the winds pick up again to 20 kts and the waves start to build again! Oh My Gosh...You'd think we were still in Lake Michigan!! :) We do really miss her! Well, I say we need the practice and need to know how to put in and take out those reefs!

In the midst of all this I decide to cook underway because is appears we are gonna have a late arrival to our next anchorage. Dean has decided we need to make the run to the outside entrance of the Gulf of Mexico to Marco Island so we can stay on schedule to pick up our crew in Tampa.  I decided on a one pot meal...Grandma Sladick's famous Cabbage Casserole dish (revamped just a bit to be galley/boat suitable!) It is rather interesting cooking while in 4-6' seas! I get quite the workout down below...kinda like ZUMBA & Belly dancing classes...only alittle more confined to a small space!! I'm sure my belly will be terribly bruised but my abs are already tightening! If this helps then I should start planning my trip to sail around the world! I could be REALLY skinny!! ;)

Daddy on "Coffee Patrol" 

We finally reached our anchorage and got the anchor set @ 2300hr. We covered 90.9 nautical miles today! Wow! And Dean was all excited because he saw up to 8.9 for speed...Our Way Too!... can fly! We were all pooped out & ready to crash for the nite. Dad prepped the coffeepot for morning, our showers were quick...and I am pretty sure we all snored quite loudly.

Hugs from the S/V Our Way Too! Crew

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