Saturday, April 20, 2013

Where do we want to be??

 Where do we want to be?? 

Out on the water with Our Way Too!
 With her sails happily filled, carrying us forward onto many wonderful adventures,
 tropical islands, and warm breezes!
Snorkeling, catching fish, lobster, exploring, hiking, doing whatever makes us smile!

We dream about that day and talk about that day EVERY day.
 We do our best daily to accomplish something toward that goal.
For right now...we both need to keep working.
We need to finish a few 'projects' that are important to our living on the hook at anchor.
One more wind generator to rebuild, and to put our solar panels back atop are the two most important.

Dean only has weekends to accomplish these tasks, while after work, I try to scan photo's, sort thru boxes of stuff, clothes, etc. We still have so much to accomplish.
 Will we get there?
Oh yeah!!! You bet and as soon as we can!!
Are we ready?
Way past ready to be gone yesterday...

Until then...
We steal away any time we can hoist sails
 and spend time out on the hook for an overnight or two!!

At anchor- Redfish Island in Galveston Bay Texas


  1. Looks like you're living the dream. We are lake sailors and for the last four months we have been restoring a little 21 foot Glen-L Fancy Free. Launch day is just around the corner. I'm your newest follower and I would be honored to have you follow me back. My wife and I fell in love with sailing early in our marriage. Then a few years ago we sold our Catalina 25, because we thought we were getting to old for sailing and we bought a cabin cruiser. It was a big mistake, we hated it. There is nothing like riding along with the wind :)
    Have a great day and smooth sailing, Steve