Friday, March 16, 2012

My Captain~

My First Mate posted this on Facebook about our Captain...her awesome Husband...

I have thee most Awesome-ist Husband!!! He is a handsome, christian, gentle man, loving, kind, faithful, committed, dedicated, hard-working, silly, fun-loving, smart as a whip, a wonderful Dad & Opa, loves his family like there is no tomorrow, brings joy to those who take the time to spend with him, is a terrific best friend & has the patience of a Saint when it comes to his wife...and children...(or should I say patiently puts up with all of us)! 

I have spent almost 11 years with this man...He is a 'Gem' and I am grateful his previous wives gave him up and that he became a part of my life!! I am so blessed!! My children are so family is so blessed!!

Honey, I will spend the rest of my life working with you to make your dreams come true! (We are so "ONE" that it's "OUR" dreams). We will accomplish the things we have set in motion...Our Way Too! and I WILL see to it!! You deserve it...more than anyone one I know! You have worked many years to get to the point where you want to be at & altho you hoped to be there long ago you unselfishly put other prior commitments before you! Bless you for that! You are a really good man.

What you give to others who make the effort to be close to you is beyond measure. If you have tried & it has not been reciprocated then it is their loss... And that's OK...we have each other...our dreams...& Our Way Too!!

You are my Captain & I your First Mate!!
We have God as our Co-Pilot & as Kimberly Sue prayed upon her, during the naming ceremony, Our Way Too! is blessed with the Gods & Angels of the Sea to be with us whenever & where ever we decide to go!!
We will sail aboard our beautiful home & sailing vessel Our Way Too!
We will meet new friends & learn new cultures.
We will be enjoying adventures beyond our imagination.
We will share with those who want to learn about and enjoy our lifestyle.
God sure blessed me when He brought you into my life!!
We sure do have alot to look forward too!!

I love you Dean Paul Calkins always & forever!!!

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