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June 6, 2001 Day 2

Happy Birthday to Uncle Bobby!!

Breakfast...Gotta keep the crew happy!
We were up so late last nite I was surprised I popped up like I did! Up...made coffee...had breakfast....did dishes...prepared to depart. Dad found some water on the floor in the forward-cabin head (for the nonboaters...bathroom) so he & Dean began to investigate. It didn't smell too good in there and the shower sump was rather funky! Another not-so-good sign! The seals on the toilet flush motor were leaking so Dean decided "we don't use until fixed" goes into effect immediately. We all will use the Aft-Cabin head until further notice!

We hoisted the anchor @ 0845 hr and were underway and out into the ocean within minutes. Had to motor about 2 hours as winds were dead on the nose & light @ about 5-7 knots. 1-2' waves

Pretty day! A bit overcast & in 80's. Cooler & a bit more comfortable.
Within the first half hour, with Katie @ the helm...we had a boat pull up beside us & and pay us a visit! "The US Customs & Border Patrol" They just asked where we are from, where we are going, and how many on board.  Thank you & have a nice day!! :)

Slowed down so Dean decided we needed to start the engine...so we started to motorsail @ 12:45p. I had spent most of the morning working at the Day 1 blog, trying to figure out how to add the photos so I figured I should feed my crew. We threw together Chicken salad,wheat crackers, sliced tomatos, string chez, & bananas. Hit the spot!

It was a pretty quiet afternoon. We watch for the wildlife constantly. Not sure but we think the let down of preparing for the trip and just being alittle nervous yet to know our boat alarms & such, we all feel tired and in need of naps. Short nights because if I hear something I get up & walk around the deck to check things out...then I wake up Dean & have him double check me. We are still learning about tides & such so we are sort of sleeping with 1 eye open! Dean's still fighting a nasty cold...wakes up coughing so I am sure that doesn't help him get solid sleep.

Back "Sail" @4pm. Dad decided to wet a line so we hung out on the sunpad for awhile. Dean hasn't had time to hoist my new Mother's Day Hammock yet so Dad & I are patiently waiting! ;) Really...we are just finding enough things to keep us busy! Other than Dad's magazine....we haven't even opened a book to read! And our friends Barry & Ruth sent a whole big bag along with us!!!

We arrived @ Rodriguez Key alittle after 6pm and set the anchor. 2 other boats not too far from us. We had a really strong breeze so Dad & Dean had to sit out on deck & hold the towel up so the grill would stay lit. We had our "celebratory dinner" I had planned for our 1st nite out on the 2nd nite instead. I made Grilled Ribeyes; Grilled Shrimp on skewers; Sweet Potatoes w/ Jalepeno, onion, maple syrup, yougart, & mayo; Snap Peas; & Peach Cobbler for dessert! I enjoyed using my oven for the first time! We all enjoyed a glass of wine with dinner, cleaned up dishes, finished our glass of wine while we chatted about our game plan for morning then showered on the back of boat & hit the hay! 10:30 to bed is certainly better than the 1am the nite before! I think I still need earlier!!!

55.3 nm today
My Daddy enjoying his sail.  Reading about fishing in the Keys!

Our first visit from The US Customs & Border Patrol

He works hard all day! Rigging the fishin' pole. :)

Is he thinking? Or is he napping? You decide.......

Readin', fishin', & enjoyin' the view!!

Katie found her & ALL her kids & Grandbabie's favorite spot!!
On "Porpoise" watch!

At anchor....sun going down.

Our Way Too!'s "celebratory dinner" (one day late).
Her crew went to bed with very full tummy's!!

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