Friday, February 10, 2012

A Tribute...Barry Hammerberg

February 10, 2012

Today we Celebrate a life...

Barry Hammerberg

fellow Sailor...a man of many talents...wonderful Husband to Ruth...gracious friend to many.

May God welcome you Barry, into his loving arms & into the beautiful calm & safe seas of Heaven!
As you share "Another Adventure" (Barry & Ruth's beautiful sailboat) with those we all know 
& love up in heaven...we look forward to the honor
of sailing into the heavens & your life again!!
Love & Eskimo Kiss!!

A friend whom we haven't known long...but he made an impact on our life in his knowledge, advice, & just plain "Sailor Commaderie"! You know how you just know......well Barry and Ruth are those people!!

Barry loves to Sail!
 He's a man of many talents...Surveyor...Canvas Man...Rigging Tuner...the list goes on!
He spent many a day working with John doing projects on Our Way.
Up til Barry was too weak to speak he worried and whispered to Ruth about his beloved
 "Another Adventure"

(Barry & Ruth's Website & Log)

He is truly a Sailor, totally in love with his Ruthie, Buddy, and a special friend to many.
Barry, we will cherish the brief moments we were able to spend with you. 
We are thinking of & praying for his family today while they celebrate Barry's life and say "Goodbye". 
Especially Ruthie...
Barry & Ruthie
Thank you God for the Grace, Patience, Love, and Strength
 you have instilled in this beautiful woman to endure the past 2 years...
Thank you for keeping her strong even as her heart was breaking.
She stood solid in faith & in love. 
I am so proud of her & pray that her strength remains, her faith remains strong, & that you guide her as she learns to continue her life without her Husband by her side. Amen.

She stood by Barry's side through everything~a dedicated Wife & Best Friend...
she drove herself unselfishly to care for & see to it that Barry
made his dreams come true...
She became the "Woman who could do Anything!!
She jumped in an RV...(Motorhome) and drove cross country to fulfill a dream...
The Grand Canyon!! Wow!! 
Barry was elated!!
She crossed off things on the "Bucket List" & made that man smile!! 
They were the "Love of each other's Lives!"
She was so unselfish...she did whatever made Barry happy & comfortable.

Barry...We will keep you in our hearts until we meet again...
Ruth...You will always have a spot for hanging out with us on Our Way Too!!
Love & Hugs~~
~~~ /) ~~~